My new Obsession

My New Obsession I have always tried to stay active, getting at least a few workouts in each week and eating pretty healthy. We live a pretty active lifestyle, taking walks, playing on playgrounds, 5K’s for good causes here and there, riding dirt bikes and honestly, I love to play anything with my kids (and… Read More My new Obsession


Pantry Overhaul

Happy Saturday 🙂 This week has been jam packed full of organizing, working out, meal planning and prepping and continuing to go through and de-clutter!  It is true what they say, EXERCISE GIVES YOU ENERGY!  I have been non-stop since Monday and I am not tired yet! I will give you all the details of… Read More Pantry Overhaul


Yum Yum YUMMY!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I am glad you decided to stop by! We have been gathered around the TV for the last few weekends, enjoying the NFL playoffs.  On these type of weekends, we skip our usual sit down dinner and pick at appetizers throughout the afternoon/evening (and if we are lucky, my husband will make… Read More Yum Yum YUMMY!


Outdoor Winter Decorations

HELLO ALL! Since today is the first day above 10 degrees in the Northeast, I thought it was only appropriate to have my first official blog post include something outdoorsy!!  I ventured out to finally switch my Christmas/Holiday decoration to Winter!  Well most of them, this christmas tree bucket was frozen in the ground, haha!… Read More Outdoor Winter Decorations